Sunday, August 19, 2007

Aug. 18-19, 2007 Granville at its best

A thoroughly beautiful weekend, the last before students return and the busyness kicks in big time. Fortunately, one of the best things about our life is its rhythm. Just when I'm ready to scream or strangle someone, the students finish exams and disappear, and most faculty with them. Just when I'm missing them, they turn up again. It makes life predictable in the most pleasant way. Students and faculty will be back starting this Wednesday, so all is gearing up once again. I love it.

The library is open year 'round, but during breaks the hours are 8:30-4:30 weekdays, vs. 8:30 a..m.-2 a.m. during the terms. We get our projects and planning done during breaks, and the pace is different.

Linda & Mark Cain, good friends from Cincinnati, visited us for dinner and overnight Saturday. It was almost 24 hours of fine food, drink, and best of all, conversation. The weather has been perfect, so the house is wide open, and lots of porch sitting going on. Linda is a retired library director/later senior administrator in the Provost's office at the U. of Cincinnati. Mark is Chief Information Officer at Cincinnati State College.

There's a photo here of me sitting in one of the new rockers on the porch of the Robbins Hunter Museum, a perfect Greek revival mansion built in the 1840s, where we're docents several times every summer. The RHM is next door to our public library, so you'll also see the construction for the new addition going up. It's going to be much better. Good.

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