Sunday, August 12, 2007

Aug. 11-12, 2007

We're remembering Cheyenne and Joseph on their birthdays. Woke up to a big limb down outside the kitchen bay window. Must've been a mysterious wind over night.

It's been a most beautiful and quiet weekend here. Yesterday, after the Farmer's Market, we drove about 25 miles south to Lancaster, OH to see a fine quilt exhibit and a movie ("Hairspray"), then dinner at Shaw's. Kay and I had dinner there a few years ago. It's a traditional dining room in a small hotel, with good food and friendly professional service. We shared chicken with mango salsa and fried oysters. Yum. The ride in the TT through corn fields and horse farms was just perfect.

For breakfast today (Sunday) I cooked stone-ground grits (1+ hour, stiring frequently). We bought them years ago at Hoppin' John's in Charleston, SC and keep them in the freezer. That, with bacon, cinnamon toast, & sliced tomatoes made a fine, filling breakfast. Lasted us until suppertime.

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