Sunday, October 7, 2007

Chicago overnight Sept. 29 with Chuck Vernon and his colleagues from Romania

I know this photo is fuzzy, but it's the only one we have from the top of the John Hancock Building. It's Chuck Vernon, his two office managers/attorney colleagues Maria and Diana, plus me. Christie would've approved us raising a glass of champagne to HER!

We flew on Southwest to Midway for an overnight visit with Chuck Vernon and his two attorney colleagues, Maria and Diana, from Romania. They were in town for a conference of international law firms which finished around noon Saturday. The weather was perfect, and all flights were on time and efficient. When air travel works right, it's just great.

In the afternoon, Chuck & the ladies took the architecture boat tour, while Louie and I had lunch at one of the places Christie and I went to many times, Bistrot 110, then saw an exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art - "Sympathy for the Devil: Art and Rock and Roll Since 1967." Will & Stacey would've LOVED this, so I took a few photos to share with them.

Despite a long line, we went to the Signature Lounge at the top of the John Hancock building for champagne and the terrific view before dinner. This spot was also one of Christie's favorites, so we raised yet another glass to her. Louie and I are so grateful she left us Chuck, Alina, Christie, and Andre. And now we get to add their friends to our circle, as well.

The high point of the trip was dinner at Topolobampo, one of our long-time favorites. We've been visiting here for years with librarian friend, Bob Daugherty of Univ. of Illinois-Chicago, who also knew Christie. Chef/Owner Rick Bayless is the premier American chef for Mexican food. He has a show on PBS, and actually cooks in his restaurant most of the time....rare for celebrity chefs.

After a quiet morning Sunday, we met at Mother Hubbard's for brunch and NFL football - Green Bay vs. Chuck's favorite Minnesota Vikings - on huge screens, with good junk food and draft beer. Sports bars and US football are rare in Romania, so Chuck just loved this, and we had lots of fun, too. Home in time for an early-to-bed.

Louie visits State College Sept. 21-23 to see Dick O'Keefe and the Roths

Hi, Mom,
The start of school has been extremely busy this year, thus the gap in a new post to your blog. I hope to catch up today on a hot, quiet Sunday at home. The sheets are on the line, and breakfast was yummy and filling.
Last month, I decided to stay home for a quiet weekend, while Louie went to State College to see his old friend, teacher, and colleague, Dick O'Keefe. Dick is retired in State College now, having taught English and written poetry at Carnegie Mellon and Penn State his whole life. His apt. is in a nice, new building for seniors just down the block from where I lived in 1970-71 at Holiday Towers on Beaver Ave.

Louis and Dick were joined by Ted and Jane Roth, dear friends from Pittsburgh when Teddy and Louie were in grad. school together at Pitt. They've long lived in Connecticut, where Ted teaches and Jane is a musician (bag pipes, etc.). The foursome hadn't seen each other in 30+ years, but picked up the conversation where they'd left off. They had a fine visit, and we hope to repeat it before too long when I can join them.