Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bucharest-our first morning with Christie & Andrei, Chuck & Alina

Andrei's owl will go to school with him today.

Two silly boys

Andrei must eat an egg before Coco Puffs.

Christie & Alina discuss the merits of brown vs. white bread with the truly fresh eggs.

Chuck, Alina, Christie, and Andrei live on the top (4th) floor of a nice apartment block in a close-in suburb of Bucharest. Across the street is a huge park with a lake, amusement park, restaurants, and green space that's all too precious in this city of 3 million. They bought and renovated this 3 bedroom, 2 bath flat when Christie and Andrei were babies. Since it has been two years since we saw the kids, we thought they might be shy at first. NOT so! They were thrilled to see us and gave us huge hugs right away. Don't get no better than this.

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